Children’s Environmental Rights Initiative (CERI): Rebranding a Coalition for child rights organisations

Branding a coalition for child rights activists

with terre des hommes Deutschland

terre des hommes Deutschland

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Together with terre des hommes Germany, IKONUM has rebranded a coalition for child rights organizations.

With bright colors, yet the serious and grounded tone this issue requires, we created a corporate identity that appeals to both governmental organizations and children. Through several interactive workshops, we worked with the coalition partners to develop a brand that unifies their viewpoints and philosophies. Now CERI can stand as a cohesive association and fight in a new guise for its ultimate goal: to put children’s rights at the center of environmental decision-making and secure a safe, green future for them.


Raising awareness among decision-makers, empowering children and youth, building government capacity, convening stakeholders, gathering best practices

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